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Cameroonians and the inhabitance of Douala 4 and 5 have always made use of and modified the natural environment in response to their material and non-material needs. Douala is located on the banks of the Wouri River (hence a port city) and its climate is tropical. The marine and coastal biodiversity of Cameroon is rich and diverse, and it is highly endangered because of human activities including artisanal and industrial fishing and pollution generated from industries, accidental loss of crude oil in transit or during loading or unloading. In Douala, thousands of inhabitants have settled in and around the mangrove swamps, destroying the mangrove ecosystem and endangering biodiversity including snakes, birds, fish, trees and frogs. Douala confronts itself with seasonal flooding and high temperatures due to climate change and other factors like poor plastic and other waste disposal. The cosmopolitan nature, culture and population increase has also increased random waste disposal in the city.
The main issue that addressed in Douala IV is the issue of proper waste management and disposal. This will be address through sensitizations, street campaigns, community action, training with quarter heads and youths. Human activities generate waste which can be harmful to the environment, animals, plants and the ecosystem. However, only a careful management can limit the damage done to the environment and conserve scarce resources Powell, (2001). Also, due to the rapid urbanization and how waste is viewed differently by the sexes, the available waste collection and disposal equipment do not suffice to meet the needs of the city, there is need to have an inclusive approach to plastic waste management and waste in general in order to foster sustainable development.
This project used theatre arts display to sensitize 20 communities in Douala 4 and 5 municipality on the impact of poor plastic waste disposal and others to marine/terrestrial life and empowering these communities on sustainable waste management techniques to ensure clean and healthy environment. It engaged the communities in clean up campaigns since flooding is becoming frequent in Cameroon facilitated by climate change and other factors like poor plastic waste disposal in waterways. The project will promote local waste recycling techniques for economic empowerment.
The objective of the capacity building training are as follows;
• To help participants understand the impact of plastic waste management to the ecosystem.
• To educate the participants on the importance of plastic waste management and community engagement.
• To enhance their knowledge on plastic waste recycling techniques.
• To educate the participants on government litigation against plastic waste pollution.
• To Training 20 participants on some theatre skits which they will use to sensitize communities around Douala 4 and 5 in a series of community events, as well as participate in community clean up campaigns.

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