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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the standard of living of vulnerable children, youths and women through the initiation and/or implementation of development projects to meet their needs sustainably. Our aim is to educate and empower these vulnerable groups in communities to maximise their optimum potentials in an enabling environment where their rights are respected and they enjoy equal opportunity as well as participation in decision making. We empower children, young people and women to become active proponents for change. We focuses its actions on education and research.
Why we are unique

Our Core Values

In evrey organization, there are certain values that make them stand out. It is no different with ours. Learn some of our core values to better understand us and work with us.


We are bold and inspiring in our actions and words, and uncompromising in our Determination to pursue our mission.


We act with honesty and conviction and our actions are consistent with Openness, equality and human rights.


We are creative an agile, always learning, improving, and prepared to take risks to accelerate change.


We treat everyone with dignity and respect and champion the rights and contribution of all to achieve a fairer world.


We work with others to maximize our impact, respecting diversity and difference in the pursuit of common goals.


We are accountable to those whose lives we hope to see transformed, to those we work with and to those who support us.
We exist to empower the disadvantaged

Sustainable Development is the Pathway to the Future We Want For All

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"OGCEYOD transformed my community with sustainable solutions, empowering us to thrive. Their dedication to social change is truly inspiring."
Abeng Eve
Abeng Eve Volunteer
"Grateful for the impactful work of OGCEYOD Their commitment to education and healthcare has made a tangible difference in countless lives."
Tebit Elvis
Tebit Elvis Student
"As a volunteer, I've seen firsthand the passion and integrity driving this N.G.O. Their humanitarian efforts are changing lives for the better."
Ashu Tesi
Ashu Tesi Partner

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    It is a noble thing to help those in need

    There are different ways you can be of help to us. Pick a method of assistance that suits you and reach out to us on how to go about it

    Join our team

    You can join our team as a full member and partcipate fully in all our projects.

    Be an Ambassador

    You can be an Ambassador for us and speak for us wherever you are.


    You can donate in cash or in kind to ongoing or future projects


    You can volunteer with us on any project of your choice

    Get trained to train

    Attend training programs to become a trainer.

    Share our work

    You can share what we are doing with like-minded people.

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    Sponsor A Child’s Education and Shelter for Internally Displaced People

    We believe in the potential of every child and that education is the key to
    $6,900.00 Raised
    $18,000.00 Goal

    Support The fight against Climate change; Training and Advocacy

    The goal of this project is to empower marginalized communities in Cameroon, to actively participate
    $6,800.00 Raised
    $18,000.00 Goal

    Support our Plastic Waste management and Beach Cleaning Project

    This project is aimed at sensitizing communities in Cameroon on the impact of poor plastic
    $7,600.00 Raised
    $18,000.00 Goal

    Support our Gender-Based Violence Advocacy and Empowerment Initiative

    Your donations will be used to Create awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) through theater and
    $8,000.00 Raised
    $50,000.00 Goal

    Support our water Project: Sponsor a Borehole or Solar Water Pump.

    The goal of this project is to improve Hygiene and sanitation by providing a sustainable
    $8,000.00 Raised
    $18,000.00 Goal

    Promote Food Security in Cameroon; Enhance Agricultural and Income Generating Skills in Rural areas

    The proposed project aims to empower local farmers and promote sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices
    $0 Raised
    $18,000.00 Goal
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