OGCEYOD Cameroon; Green City Theatre Road-show – Bamenda Edition

This project is aimed at using theatre arts display to sensitize 30 communities in Bamenda on the impact of poor plastic waste disposal and others to marine/terrestrial life and empowering these communities on sustainable waste management techniques to ensure clean and healthy environment as well as promoting local waste recycling techniques for economic empowerment.

The main issue that will be address is the issue of proper waste management and disposal. This will be address through sensitizations, street campaigns, training with quarter heads and youths. We will also address poor plastic waste management by economically empowering a local plastic recycling enterprise since plastic waste generated and collected need to be recycled. Human activities generate waste which can be harmful to the environment, animals, plants and the ecosystem.

However, only a careful management can limit the damage done to the environment and conserve scarce resources Powell, (2001). Also, due to the rapid urbanization of Bamenda and how waste is viewed differently by the sexes, the available waste collection and disposal equipment do not suffice to meet the needs of the city, there is need to have an inclusive approach to plastic waste management and waste in general in order to foster sustainable development. Having the City Mayor to be part of the campaign and launch the Inter-city clean city competition will enable the inhabitance to engage in proper waste management thus keeping their environment and city clean.


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