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A chance for young people in Cameroon to have their voices heard at the UN Rio +20 Summit on Sustainable Development in June 2012.
On 22nd of April 2012 a fantastic all day workshop for young people took place at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. This event titled; Road to Rio + 20, was aimed at giving the youth of Limbe a chance to voice their opinions regarding the upcoming UN conference on sustainable development that will take place in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. The day was about learning, sharing knowledge, voicing opinions and mobilising young people to act in their communities against environmental problems.
The 40 young people from Limbe who participated enjoyed fun mapmaking workshops, quizzes and rap performances. Their ideas and recommendations for Rio+20 will be collected and made into a report which will be sent to this year’s conference where it could have a real impact on decisions made by world leaders.

Here is what Limbe’s youth said:
“We, the youths of Limbe, want the world leaders to help in the improvement of some environmental problems, such as deforestation, desertification, pollution, biodiversity loss. We need the world leaders to improve environmental education, increase reforestation, enforce conservation regulation and improve waste management and recycling.”

This poem about the environment, written and presented by one talented youth representative, conveys how passionately young people in Cameroon feel about environmental issues:

“Our dear land,
You provide us with all the necessities in life
And yet some others
work very hard to take you away.
But still others fight very hard to keep you going.
And so our dear environment,
what can we do or say
to reward you for all you have been,
and all you are still doing for us?
We will all try to keep you in good shape,
and take good care of you.
You are wonderful!”


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