The 14th of February 2016 will mark the 4th global action day within the One Billion Rising for Justice Campaign .The One Billion stands for the UN statistic which reveals that about one third of women in the world have been subjected to violence at least once in their life. An essential part of the campaign is the Break the chain dance which was specifically choreographed for the campaign action day of 1998 following a statement made by the US Republican Todd Akin, saying that abortion should never be tolerated not even in a case of rape. He explained that a woman’s body was not capable of becoming pregnant through rape if the woman doesn’t enjoy rape (sex). This day pays homage to the women who stood up against this statement. In 2015 there were one billion rising events in over 200 different countries supported by various organizations, celebrities like Charlize Theron ,Anne Harthaway as well as politicians like Nancy Pelosi (US Democratic party) and Ban Ki moon (UN General sectary) who made his support very clear by stating that this has to be a day followed by action.
The Organization for Gender Civic Engagement and Youth Development (OGCEYOD) has been organizing the One Billion Rising Campaign since 2014. This past years the focus has been on women groups under the Women Empowerment Centre. They were brought together and schooled on domestic violence with focus sexual violence and breast ironing as well as legal advice available to victims. The day it self (14th February) was a platform for the women to come out of the box and share their experiences. The day was comprised of speech making, music and particularly the break the chain song and its choreography which signifies and promotes freedom for women.


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