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The goal of this project is to improve Hygiene and sanitation by providing a sustainable supply of clean and portable water to 100,000 people by December 2026 in drought and conflict-affected northern regions of Cameroon. We have a target to construct a Solar Water Pumping System and boreholes to provide portable water to Communities in the Northern regions of Cameroon.

Water resources in Northern regions of Cameroon have continuously been reducing over the past years as a result of human activities such as poor farming practices, unsustainable use of water resources, increased demand of water, deforestation, land-use change, as well as human-induced climate change.

Less than 20% of the people in Northern regions of Cameroon have access to improved drinking water sources over 30 minutes away and the proportion of households with access to improved sanitation system is not beyond 5%. Poor access to clean water and sanitation in the region has increased the spread of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, etc.

Menstruation may seriously affect girls’ attendance, attention, and achievement in school in both rural and urban areas. The absence of clean water and clean sanitation facilities that allow for menstrual hygiene may discourage girls from attending school when they menstruate.

In addition, if a girl has no access to protective materials, or if the materials she has are unreliable and cause embarrassment, she may be forced to stay at home while menstruating. This absence of approximately 4 days every 4 weeks may result in the girl missing 10 to 20 percent of her school days. Inevitably, it will be difficult for a girl who misses so much schoolwork to keep up.