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Support The fight against Climate change; Training and Advocacy

$6,800 of $18,000 raised

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The goal of this project is to empower marginalized communities in Cameroon, to actively participate in climate negotiations and decision-making processes, thereby enhancing their resilience to the impacts of climate change and fostering inclusive and equitable climate governance. Your Donation will achieve the following;

  • Empower Marginalized Communities: Strengthen the capacity of indigenous groups, women, and youth in Cameroon to actively engage in climate negotiations and decision-making processes, through targeted training, mentorship, and capacity-building initiatives.
  • Enhance Representation and Inclusivity: Increase the representation and participation of marginalized communities in climate-related forums and decision-making spaces, ensuring their voices and perspectives are integrated into climate action plans and policies.
  • Promote Resilience and Adaptation: Support the development and implementation of community-led resilience and adaptation strategies in Cameroon, focusing on sustainable livelihoods, ecosystem conservation, and disaster risk reduction measures to mitigate the impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations.
Current $6,800.00
Target $18,000.00